What Shutter Speed is Good for Sports?

What shutter speed is good for sports
What shutter speed is good for sports

Photography is something that you can try without spending a penny. Most of the android phones or iPhone already contain the feature that will enhance the look of your clicked picture. Capturing a perfect picture of exciting moments and sharing it with your family and friends gives you much pleasure.

If you are present in a sporting event, the chances are high that you try to capture the exciting moments. But you will eventually face some disappointment as most of the time, the picture you have taken can turn blurred. 

Throughout this article, we will share some basic information about the camera settings with

you. Do not fear taking action shots; just go through the whole article.

What is Shutter Speed and Why Does it Matter in Sports Photography?

Basically, Shutter speed is referring to the length of time when the camera shutter opens, exposes the light onto the camera sensor, and closes down.

The work of shutter speed – It is best for capturing or freezing fast-moving objects or athletes. The brand or model of the camcorder does not matter. How fast you will be able to freeze the object or person in motion depends on the faster the shutter speed is. If your camcorder’s shutter speed is slow, you will get a bit more movement in a photo.

It really does not matter if you are doing photography for which type of sports or using which brand of the camcorder; however, you have to deal with numerous moving moments. There are several sports recording camcorders available in the market. So, you should know the way of catching them in your photography and get a clear and in-focus image.

What shutter speed is good for sports?

Before jumping to the details, let’s share some elementary pieces of information with you.

Three basic elements of your camera – The exposure triangle situated in your mobile phone contains three basic elements. These are the Aperture, the Shutter Speed, and the ISO. Before trying to click a sports shot, you have to gather some knowledge about these three elements.

Depending on the location you are in, you need to customize each of these. For example, to get an exposed picture, you have to apply a high ISO for taking pictures of indoor or outdoor sporting events.

Usage of shutter speeds- If the perspective light is low, you may need to push the ISO up to 1600 and higher. You may need to take the shutter speed a little bit down because of the high ISO. We will suggest you apply 1/800 to note down what kind of results you are getting. A shutter speed of 1/1000 will be suitable to freeze the action of games like football, soccer, baseball, etc. You may also need a faster shutter speed than 1/1000 if you are capturing pictures of a racquetball or a Pro Motocross, or a motorcycle race, which is a fast speed sport.

You may need to shoot on 1/2000th. The reason is not only the fast-moving, but the event timing is also a great fact as it is happening in the day time.

You can not hope to master the technique within a few days. It will take a lot of meditation and even years of practice to get to the perfect shot. And once you get the technique, there will be no looking back for you. 

How to Practice with Fast Shutter Speeds?

Learning to use fast shutter speeds is essential for you as a sports filmmaker. We are sharing some tips on how to practice with fast shutter speeds.

Shutter Priority Mode- You can apply the “Shutter Priority” mode on your camera to get more comfortable using fast shutter speeds. In a few cameras, you can find the fast shutter mode as “Tv”, and in some brands, you may find it as “S”.

Practice at your home – Start practicing the action shots from your home to get to know more about the shutter speed. You can take help from your kids or niece and nephew. You can even click the picture of any moving object to practice the shutter priority mode.

We will suggest you go about 20 feet away from the moving object and click a slow shutter speed, for example, 1/100th, and have your helper do some sort of movement for about 20 feet. You can practice with anyone who knows how to drive. You can start with 1/250th for the first time and gradually move at 1/500th, 1/1000th, and 1/2000th. That’s how gradually you can make yourself perfect at using fast shutter speeds.

Several facts remain behind the use of a perfect shutter speed. If you ask us about the camera quality, then yes, sometimes it depends on the camera quality. But more than the camera quality, it also depends on the photographer. You may need years of practice and experience to be a good action photographer. The professionalism will gradually grow. I hope the guidelines provided in this article will be helpful for you to gather more knowledge about shutter speeds.

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