Sony HDR-CX240 Review – Unbiased Review

Sony HDR-CX240

When it comes to budget camcorders covering all aspects, including video capture resolutions, optical sensor, audio capture quality, image stabilization, and obviously a crystal clear display, Sony camcorder models stand first in the line. Budget camcorders nowadays are perfect for beginners, and even though they come at a low price, the features are mind-blowing.

That being said, Sony HDR-CX240 2.7 inch camcorder has been in the market for around a decade, and it still stands in the top line when it comes to budget camcorders. Affordability definitely is not the only reason behind the success Sony achieved with this camera, and there are definitely a lot more than that.

Let’s get into the Sony HDR-CX240 review.

Video Resolution and Audio Quality

As mentioned before, when it comes to high-definition video and audio capturing quality, Sony is top in the line. Having a 1080 x 60 FPS video recording facility with 27x Optical Zoom in the main camera makes it easier for its users to shoot videos of world-class quality. Besides the optical image stabilization helps to plan and frame the shots according to your needs. Also, with its crystal clear 2.7-inch display, the users can get a great experience during their videography sessions.

Other than the resolution, the camcorder allows both MP4 and AVCHD format; the AVCHD format leads to extremely high-quality video capturing resolution. Although it takes up a lot of space in the AVCHD video recording mode, in my opinion, it is worth it.

Coming to its audio quality,we all know that Sony is renowned for its audio-related product; however, this product is still an exception. The camcorder comes with an external microphone input, which allows its users to use high-end external microphones so that they can have a great audio quality.

This camcorder can be a great choice for vloggers and also musicians. This is the ultimate choice for the social media approach for reputable vloggers on the internet. It is also equipped with a high quality zoom microphone, which allows the users to shoot from a long distance and still capture the audio with nothing blurred. This very feature makes the camcorder a great choice for recording lectures and presentations.

Vibration-Free SteadyShot Image Stabilization

In order to compensate for accidental camera shakes, this feature is astounding. Although nowadays, various smartphones are providing this very feature too, what Sony HDR-CX240 offers is way ahead of the stabilization of the smartphones. The shake cancelation feature it provides is 3 way, and it also allows you to add an electronic roll in order to shoot the smooth video.

The image stabilization of the camcorder is perfect for holding the image quality alongside the image zoom. Many users of other camcorders have this common problem regarding image stabilizer. It is the vibration; however, if you get the Sony HDR-CX240, you will not endure that very issue. Besides, the 9.2 mega pixels camera takes excellent images too.

Two Format Recording

Thanks to its Dual video recording feature, the camcorder can record videos in AVCHD and MP4 format at the same time. It is a very useful feature as, at times, users might not be aware, but they might need the highest quality of video possible; having recorded in both MP4 and AVCHD eradicates that risk.

On the other hand, as the AVCHD video modes take up a lot of space, users can delete the AVCHD mode’s capture later on if it is not necessary to keep it. Having two formats of video capture also have another benefit, and that is, there is a slight difference in the overall video quality and expression in the formats, so, sometimes, it might not be clear for the users which format they should choose and with this very format, it becomes easy for the users, and it also reduces the risk of missing out on taking great shots.

However, it does not come with internal memory; it supports microSD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. Nevertheless, you can transfer the recorded video via micro-HDMI cable, separate USB cable, WiFi, and NFC.

HD Video Recording Capabilities in Low Light

The camcorder’s low light video capture feature is extraordinary, considering it is a budget camcorder. According to the users, the low light video capture is one of the most admirable features of Sony HDR-CX240. Nowadays, it is mandatory for camcorders to have this feature as also various smartphones are providing night mode video capturing feature. This very feature makes the camcorder perfect for shooting at any time of the day, boosting its overall versatility.

PlayMemories Home

This is an editing application by Sony, which is available in this very camcorder. Sony mostly doesn’t even provide this app on many of their reputable cameras, but in this camcorder, this very application is provided and is built-in. With the app, the users can do various types of editing using the camcorder, such as adding various filters, adding effects to the video, doing minimal video production, basically customizing the videos to their fullest.

This feature works as a cherry on the top, and according to the users, it is an amazing application for beginners and also intermediate videographers.


This camcorder comes with countless amazing features, as you know, so let’s find out its advantages! The quality image stabilization totally helps to eradicate the unwanted shaking of the video, and it is also vibration-free, making the camcorder really great at it.

The dual video recording allows its users to shoot both in AVCH and MP4 format, which is a great feature for users to take the perfect shot and come up with the best output imagined. The camcorder is extremely portable because of its small size. Last but not least, the Sony HDR-CX240’s battery has a long run time of 130 minutes, which is more than enough for a one-day shooting.


Along with its advantages, there are some slight disadvantages. Compared to the other brands’ camcorders, the display size is a bit small, and many users will prefer a 3-inch display camcorder instead of a 2.7 inch one. The display of the camcorder is LCD but not touch screen, making it a little bit outdated.

Final Words

This is a perfect entry-level camcorder that comes with pretty premium features. It has been in the market for around a decade now and is still one of the most sold budget-friendly camcorders because of its amazing features. However, it is slightly outdated because of not offering a few features, the other advanced features and the insane affordability of the camcorder cover up for it. In my opinion, it is totally an astounding camcorder type considering all the features and high versatility.

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