Sony camcorder VS Canon camcorder: A Data-Driven Analysis

Sony camcorder VS Canon camcorder

Can you hold your memories? Or can you store them in a jar? No, it is beyond impossible. But technology has blessed us with such things that you can do anything you desire. Yes, I am talking about the memory keeper shooting equipment- Camcorder.

But there are lots of brands making camcorders. And you have to choose the best one according to your demand. But which will you buy? What type of service will they provide? These types of thousands of questions will be in your mind. But don’t worry, because you are in the right place.

In this article, I am trying to figure out some similarities and dissimilarities between two common brand camcorders- Sony v/s Canon Camcorder. I hope this article will help you determine the best camcorder for your wish and work.

Whose zoom quality is best?

The canon camera has a 32x optical zoom feature. The video quality is about 1080 HD. On the other hand, the Sony camcorder has a 30x Optical zoom feature and also 1080p HD video quality. As per the optical zoom system, you can prefer the canon camcorder.

Resolution Quality

The resolution of the Canon camcorder is 2.07 MP which is good for shooting by the camcorder. But you will be astonished by hearing that the resolution of the Sony Camcorder is 2.29MP.

Accessories Inbox

The Canon Camcorder

  • The Canon camcorder has a high-capacity intelligent battery with an HDMI cable.
  • It has the CA-110 compact AC power adapter and charger,
  • Both guarantee and warranty cards will be available with the Canon camcorder.

The Sony Camcorder:

  • The Sony Camcorder is super handy,
  • It has an 8GB ROM and extra memory card slot.
  • The Sony camcorder has a special micro-USB cable.

Slow-motion feature

We all want the best features on our devices. The same goes with the Camcorder. And to keep pace with modern time, we all wish to be up to date.

Nowadays, the slow-motion feature is very common and interesting. So, we wish to have the same function in our camcorder. And the Canon camcorder has a slow-motion function! On the other hand, the Sony camcorder does not have the quality. Thus, based on the slow-motion option, you can easily choose the best one for you.

The Resolution Availability

The Canon camcorder has the pixel quality of 1080p HD, and the Sony camcorder has both 720p HD 1080p HD picture quality. According to the resolution availability, the Sony camcorder is visibly better than the Canon camcorder.

Lens Cover

The Canon camcorder does not belong to the lens cover, which is not good for outdoor shooting. In case the rain starts or a sand storm, the tiny particles can get into your camcorder. So Canon the camcorder lacks this feature. Oppositely, the Sony camcorder has a lens cover with all the accessories needed for the camera.

Iris control

The Canon camcorder usually has the IRIS control, and on the flip side, the Sony camcorder consists of the feature. Isn’t it amazing? So, you can easily choose which camcorder is best for you or not.

Do both the camcorders have some similarities?

Do both the camcorders have some similarities?

Yes, the Canon and Sony camcorder have some similarities too.

  • Both the camcorders have the same complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) sensors. They are usually used for creating images in digital cameras and digital video cameras.
  • The connectivity of both the Canon camcorder and Sony camcorder are Wi-Fi and HDMI.
  • Li-ion batteries are used in both the camcorders. And the batteries are rechargeable.
  • Both the camcorder does not have the HDR shooting mode,
  • The Sony and Canon camcorder does not have both Drive mode and Burst mode,
  • The two of the Camcorders have Wi-Fi facilities. That means, if you want to transfer photos or video to any other device, you can easily use Wi-Fi and send them immediately.

Wrap up

Both the Sony camcorder and Canon camcorder have similarities and dissimilarities. So, you can get confused about which one to buy. By reading the article, you may have a clear conception about both the camcorders.

Finally, if you are planning to buy a camcorder then give a read the details. Now, you have the freedom to purchase either the Sony or Canon Camcorder!

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