How Do You Record a Soccer Game?

How Do You Record a Soccer Game
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A day to chill with an exciting soccer match!!! We know it sounds great to you. And if you desire to record that match for more viewers, this article will certainly help you out. You will find several options in the market, which you can use to record your desirable soccer match.

It can be a hands-free smart camera, an Android mobile device, an iPod/iPhone, a DSLR, and even a camcorder. And some specific devices are designed to shoot games also. In this article, we have discussed the best way to record soccer games.

How to take the preseason preparations, match tips and match day checklist.

Preseason Preparation

You cannot directly jump into the event day to record the soccer game. Just like any other job, it needs a bit of preparation.

Select your desired device to record

You are absolutely free to choose your ideal shooting setup for the upcoming match. It can be a hands-free smart camera, an Android mobile device, an iPod/iPhone, a DSLR, and even a camcorder. If you want to upload video faster or do live streaming, you can choose a smartphone, an iPad, or an iPhone with a Wi-Fi connection. But if your focus is on better zoom and other quality features and storage options, then work with a camcorder. A camcorder is a portable combined video camera and video recorder.

It is a popular device from the late ’90s. If you are recording something for a professional purpose, you must need this kind of setup. So, for recording a soccer game, a sports camcorder is a good option. There are several sports cam available on the market right now. Decide according to your requirements.

Fixed your shooting setup

Deciding the whole shooting setup before the match will release your last moment of hardship. You do not want to present a shaky video in front of everyone. Tripod will help you to keep your video stable. You have to check the lens­es also to make sure of the quality. Try to set your position in a high point near the center of the field so that you can have the full field view in your frame. It is the best vantage point. It will provide you the option of capturing better angles. You can even see the jersey numbers clearly also.                         

Practice your setup

When you have finished the setup, you must do a practice recording to check whether everything is accurate or not. It will be the best for you or for the behind the digital camera. As he can practice everything before the main event, he will get the best recording without any difficulties.

Checklist for the Match Day

If you are recording with an iPad or iPhone, before the match, you have to make sure that you have at least clear 3-4 GB of the storage of your phone, and your batteries are also fully charged. You can also update your oper­at­ing sys­tem. Try to keep a backup device in case of any emergency.

If you are recording with a digital camera or sports camcorder, just like the mobile device, you will have to make sure that you have enough storage and your batteries are also fully charged. You can also keep an additional battery in case of any emergency. It will be your lifesaver.

A Do’s & Don’t s List

We have made a short do and do not list for you. Check this out before the match to make sure everything is arranged.


  • Take the help of a tripod. It will assist you in managing the video stability.
  • Capture the mid-field from a high vantage point. You can capture a better and clear view from that.
  • Pause the recording during halftime of the match. Certainly, the audience is not interested in break time views. Again, it will help to save your battery and storage.
  • Fix your eyes on the field, athletes, and referees. You never know when the exciting moment happens.


  • Feel dizzy while zooming in and out. You will certainly be able to capture a nice shot.
  • Expect your cameraman to hold the heavy digital camera all day long. It is not physically possible for him. Again the video will be unstable without a tripod.
  • Stop recording at every dead ball. It is important to keep records.
  • Don’t forget to have a shoot of jersey numbers and referee signals.
  • Don’t forget to get shots of the scoreboard.

We will recommend you to make preparations for the soccer match day before the exact date. It will undoubtedly lessen your work and hassle and help you to keep your mind a bit fresh. You can figure out what to do and how to fix any problem if you do practice earlier. And, our article is also here to help you out with your desirable task. Just have a close look at it for making preparations.

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