Panasonic HC-WXF991K Review

Panasonic HC-WXF991K

Panasonic HC-WXCF991K is one of the few Panasonic’s revamped models coming with the upgradation of an earlier WE970 camcorder series. This unit is a gem of a camcorder. Coming with a cleverly built viewfinder and multiple video recording capacities, the HC-WXCF991K unit promises a semi-professional video recording experience to its users. It certainly emerges as the leader in the 4k Camcorder industry. This unit is a versatile option that can serve the needs of many personnel due to its lightweight construction and better portability. Moreover, if you consider user convenience, this model is one of the most user-friendly camcorders that I experienced. Let’s know all the ins and outs of this amazing camera unit.

Panasonic HC-WXF991K Review

First, let’s unveil all the features of this HC-WXF991K camcorder.

LEICA Decoma Lens

The LEICA Decoma Lens of HC-WXF991K is the best feature of this camcorder model. It provides a smooth zooming range of 20X along with standard 5-axis Hybrid Optical visual stabilization technology. In case any videographer has no tripod, there won’t be a big deal out of it. The focal length of this camera varies from 4.0 to 81.6 mm range. The BSI MOS Sensor image sensor delivers quality images of 18.91 megapixels and 4k video effects. These features make this camera unit come with some real-life shots. 

Twin Camera Technique

One of the most useful attributes featured by the HC-WXF991K unit is its twin camera technology. Another secondary camera with a flip-out display is built on the edge of the camcorder’s LCD monitor. It allows the users to record visuals from two different angles. Moreover, it also enables panning at 270-degree and additional tilting of more or less 20-degree. The recorded video by the secondary camera appears in the sub-window of the camcorder.

Wireless Multi-Camera Feature

Apart from the twin camera feature, the wireless multi-camera facility also expands on recorded picture-in-picture and allows all the mobiles connected over wireless Wi-Fi. This multi-camera option is a stunning one for the camcorder users as they can produce more creativity in shooting from multiple viewpoints or angles and thus make many lively moments.

4k video with multiple effects

This camera unit delivers an ultra-sharp, ultra-HD 4k video recording facility with a number of creative effects. The 4k photo mode feature helps the user extracting 4k images by simply pausing any video at certain moments. Different cinema-like effects, including slow zoom, slow-motion video, dolly zoom, slow & quick video capture, etc., will make the recording session a fun task to do.

In-camera Edit Option

The HC-WXF991K is designed with all necessary built-in video editing tools that allow users to crop the captured 4k videos and add various video effects. You can add stabilizing, tracking, zooming, and panning with this amazing camcorder. You can also add 4k time-lapses to make your videos more innovative.

HDR Movie Mode

High Dynamic Range, commonly known as HDR movie mode, enables the camcorder to maintain proper image gradation. Two different images taken at different exposure times are combined with this camcorder feature. Then, the shadows are blocked, and highlights are suppressed to make the videos clearer and crispier. Instant change of camera modes comes with the dedicated HDR button. The reduction of the extremely high contrast effect caused by over or underexposed shooting is done by its exclusive HDR mode.

Tiltable Electronic Viewfinder

The Electronic Viewfinder of this camcorder ensures a semi-professional shooting experience. If you shoot under bright daylight, this tilting EVF will come in very handy. You can adjust the 0.24-inch sized screen, which offers a real comfortable filming experience.

Level Shot Mode

In case any tilting or jolting occurs in the recorded images, they get automatically corrected by the Level Shot Function of this camcorder. You can choose one from three different options, and they are Strong. Normal or OFF. The shooting condition would totally depend on the option being selected by the users.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

There is in-built Wi-Fi connectivity in this camera unit, which allows the operators to handle the model from any remote place simply using their smartphone, or tablets. Of course, you need to install the Panasonic mobile app to do that. Furthermore, the users can also upload live streaming videos on U-Stream and share their favorite moments with friends and family members.


  • An outstanding starter 4k camcorder.
  • The in-camera video editing option.
  • Different cinema-like effects.
  • Reasonably priced model than other similar units.
  • Strong image stabilization technique.


  • No remotely controlling facility while using the HDMI output.
  • Not so impressive color rendering features while shooting at low-lit conditions.
  • Fuzziness while filming 4k videos.

Final Verdict

Panasonic HC-WXF991K is a gem of a camcorder. Very few camcorders can ensure better 4k video capture with such good quality in-camera editing solutions like this unit. Moreover, it is one of the best night vision cameras, which you can also use for the purposes like podcasting, filming documentaries, student research, etc.

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