Panasonic HC-V770 Review: Best for Low Budget

Panasonic HC-V770 Full HD Camcorder

If you’re a professional camcorder user or videographer, you obviously know how amazingly built the Panasonic HC-V770 is. Despite not being released many days ago, this camcorder unit has solidified its place in the camera industry due to its wide-ranged popularity. Especially if you’ve been looking for a budget-friendly camcorder option, Panasonic GC-V770 would be a must include option into your camcorder top-chart.

It can add certain different yet great camcorder features to the table. So, let’s have a complete Panasonic HC-V770 Review to learn more about the product. Believe me, after going through the entire review, you would feel like adding the tool to your arsenal ASAP. So, let’s get started?

Here we’ll discuss the different parts of this camcorder to get a clear view of the product.

The Body

HC-V770 comes with a superiorly built high-end design along with multiple inner modifications despite its compact and smaller size. The chassis of this camcorder doesn’t include any secondary camcorder, but it provides a plastic expansion on the outer side of its LCD panel. If you’re habituated to double-hand operation mode, you’ll feel quite pleasant holding this camera and shooting with it. It’s even much easier to operate.

The 3-inch LCD touch screen completes the majority of the camera functions without much hassle. Additionally, there’s also a function dial located closer to the lens. You can use the single press for quick access to the manual camera mode. Options like focus pulling, white balance, image saturation, sharpness, iris, shutter control, etc., can easily be called up and controlled using the manual mode.

The camera shutter has a speed range from 1/50 to 1/8000. You can adjust the iris range independently and attain a video gain of 18dB as well. Intelligent auto mode option allows better visual adjustments, including different special effects like time-lapse, miniature video effects, silent movie, 8mm movie recording, etc. 

You won’t get any accessory shoe on the camera chassis, but there’s a rear slot for holding the adapter. You can also carry an external microphone here as well. There are also other dedication options like Wi-Fi connectivity shortcuts or the level shot with easily accessible features. There’re also other options like a USB port, Microphone jack, micro-HDMI, etc.  

Visual Performance

Enjoy the premium quality video capturing at full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with frames rate at 120 fps with this HC-V770 camcorder. The overwhelming 20x optical zooming option will enable the users with extreme zooming capabilities. Moreover, its 4-drive lens will ensure better visibility, no matter how far the objects are.

You won’t miss any detail of the images even in the low light gloomy environment while using HC-V770. It allows you to get clearer shots and great details. Enjoy the real-life-like video capturing without missing the original color gradation. It provides the best combination of images taking with varied exposure times that confirm the elimination of shadows and highlights.

The feature that I personally loved most while using the camcorder is its zero image noise. If you’re taking snaps/shooting at night-time or in indoor condition, you would be particularly benefited more by this. Thanks to its BSI sensor. You can compensate for all tilting, shaking, and jolting by the camera’s level shot function. Get crispy quality visuals by removing the blurring effect. The 5-axis operative hybrid optical image stabilization technique of the camera is totally top-notch!

The internal crystal engine components of the Panasonic HC-V770 camcorder allow the users to frequently convert the frame rates to 240 fps instead of its usual 120 range. Thus, this model will deliver you the best possible slow-motion video capturing capabilities. You’ll also enjoy the aforementioned creative video effects to make your camcorder experience an even more fun activity. Bring on the professional touch on your shoot like an expert user.

Audio quality

The amazing BSI sensor produces the crispiest video for you. You won’t miss any faintest sound going on around you while capturing and thus gets the liveliest shoot due to its high-quality audio settings.

Moreover, there’s an advanced windshield zoom microphone additionally equipped between the camcorder microphone and the net. It works to boost your audio quality and eliminate wind noises. The AI capacitors located under the hood will also contribute to the reduction of any distortion and confirmation of improved sound quality.

Network & connectivity

HC-V770 is equipped with inbuilt Wi-Fi functionality to transfer your desired files and videos within the twinkling of your eye. You just need to install Panasonic free image app on your Smartphone. You can instantly pair up the camcorder with any NFC-enabled Android device as HC-V770 comes with NFC-enabled settings. Enjoy the live view of your recorded videos by its real-time broadcasting at the UStream platform.

Other features

One technique you would definitely love about the Panasonic HC-V770 is its wireless twin camera option. You can easily record another angle while recording a scene without the need for any other mounted secondary camera. Another great feature is its HDR video mode to offer intelligent image contrast.


Everyone would love the advanced video & audio features of this easy-to-adjust and easy-to-use high-definition fully adjustable camcorder.

It’s easy to connect to the Wi-Fi and much feasible to operate from a remote distance using any smart device like an android phone, PC, laptop, etc. Enjoy the remote streaming, remote view, and remote shoot- all within this HC-V770 camcorder!

Add a variety of video effects to make your video more creative than ever. The camera is perfect for normal, fast, and slow-motion recording.


HC-V770 doesn’t come with any built-in memory. You’d need to make almost all the adjustments via the touchscreen of this camcorder. Another downside is the unavailability of any attached power source to charge up the external microphone. The additional power source is a hassle.  

Test Video

Final verdict

If you want to save some of your bucks but still want to buy a flagship camcorder, then your first priority should be Panasonic HC-V770. It comes with some really solid specs and all the sophisticated features. This high-end camera unit provides a comprehensive set of complete manual settings along with all different fun options. Enjoy the best camcorder experience with this amazing camcorder model.

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