If you are in search of an excellent camcorder within your limited budget, then you can make an end of that because we have got the best solution for you. It’s a Panasonic HC-V270 camcorder that can certainly serve you the best purpose and won’t make your wallet lose many bucks at all.

PANASONIC HC-V270 Complete Buying Guide

HC-V270 is a better alternative to your smartphone and can easily beat many of the expensive DSLR cameras being out there in the market, considering the video quality. You won’t possibly get any below 300 camcorders that can provide you excellent camcorder features like high-end image stabilization technology, wide-angle optical lens, built-in Wi-Fi facility, etc. In this article, we’re going to unveil more of this amazing camcorder, and eventually, you’d get the point of why this item is such a popular one among users. So, let’s start!

First, let’s get a close look at the outstanding camcorder features of Panasonic HC-V270.

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The built

PANASONIC HC-V270 camcorder is one of the most lightweight camcorder constructions coming with overall dimensions of 2.3 inches x 2.1 inches x 4.6 inches. This conveniently built camera unit will easily fit into your palm, and you can easily handle it while shooting videos or capturing your favorite snaps. The weight of this item is approximately just 1½ pounds. Due to its smaller body construction, the camcorder also comes with a smaller full HD 2.7-inch LCD monitor along with LED lighting for recording.

It’s true that there aren’t any fancy manual controls in this device, but you’ll love the idea of its Intelligent auto mode. This feature will make you not bother about tinkering with manual settings. It’s great for beginners or indie filmmakers as they can easily apply proper camera settings and minor adjustments of exposures or the white balance. All it needs is just the push of a button!

This camcorder’s power supply can either be driven by a 3.6V battery or a 5.0V AC adaptor. The maximum power consumption level of this camcorder is just 4.7W, while the camcorder is in operation mode and recording. At the same time, the consumption is 7.7W at most while it’s in charge.

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Visual quality

HC-V270 comes with a 2.51-megapixel MOS image sensor. Though it’s the same as its predecessor HC-V160 still, it ensures better visual quality due to the better image stabilization feature. You’d get a far better zooming range as it features an optical zoom of 50x range, including the intelligent zooming of 90x range. Last but not the least, the device also provides a digital zoom ranging from 150x to around 3000x. Such an incredible list of numbers, right?

The 28mm wide-angle lens of the HC-V270 unit provides total coverage of what’s in front of the camera. There’s an illuminated sensor located at the rear side of the tool to ensure better outdoor shooting performance. It also provides better clarity while filming in indoor or low-light conditions. You’ll get still visuals of 10-megapixel while shooting with this unit.

The feature that I personally love the most is the enhanced creative control and different innovative video effects coming with this HC-V270 model. These effects include miniature effect, 8mm movie capture, silent movie shot, time-lapse recording, etc.


Panasonic HC-V270 camcorder ensures better image clarity by removing the blurry images using its 5-axis shaking detection and produces high-quality crispier images with jolting/tilting effects. The level shot functionality along with the Hybrid O.I.S. allows the shooters, especially the beginner ones, to produce videos with almost zero effect. If this camera model can detect the slightest tilt, it automatically straightens the views. Thus, the visual performance presented by this model is top-notch.

Audio control

HC-V270 is equipped with a 2-channel built-in microphone to capture the slightest sound caused by the shooting surrounding. There’s also a powerfully dynamic speaker being attached to this unit. You’ll get the jacks of both the headphones and mics on the camcorder body. This entire audio control will make more real-like videos with clear sound.

Wi-Fi and connectivity

The most user-friendly and convenient feature of the HC-V270 camcorder model is its all the newest Wi-Fi features. There are four different associated functions, including Remote shooting, baby monitoring, real-time broadcasting, and remote view option.

The remote view option allows the users to store their favorite videos and the captured images on the external memory card and also to share them on the social platform. Keep a note here that there’s no internal built-in memory in HC-V270. You need to arrange an external one. You can also live-stream your recorded videos using its real-time broadcasting facility on UStream for public sharing. If your phone has NFC connectivity, you can do this even easier as well.

This camcorder’s remote shooting feature turns your smartphone (both the iOS and Android device) into the remote viewfinder and controller of the camcorder. There is a resemblance of the mobile interface to a camera app. You can control the recording and make proper adjustment settings using this.

The baby monitoring is also like the remote shooting mode. This feature utilizes HC-V270’s built-in audio sensor and can detect kids’ crying and other baby-related sounds. After detecting such sound, this camcorder also sends an instant notification to your mobile. You can also use the monitor as a 2-way communication system. Anything you say on your mobile will come out on the other end’s camcorder speaker.

Pros and Cons Analysis


  • A great budget-friendly camcorder option within just 300 bucks.
  • Amazing and innovative Wi-Fi features with multiple options.
  • Wide-angle zooming range coverage.
  • High-end optical image stabilization technology.
  • Acceptable and good-quality 1080p video quality.


  • No-built in memory is their biggest drawback.

Final verdict

Panasonic HC-V270 is a big step up from its predecessor series like HC-V250 or HC-V160. It combines all the required camcorder features within its small body, and the built-in Wi-Fi facilities are total top-notch. Despite providing all these amazing options, this model is still under the best bargain price range. Considering every ins and outs, it’s the best entry-level camcorder that you may easily pick. Even for the professionals, it’s a good choice. Happy shooting!

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