Panasonic 4K camcorder VS Sony 4K camcorder

Panasonic 4K camcorder VS Sony 4K camcorder

If you are thinking of buying a camcorder, you must be having in your mind which camcorder will serve your purpose. So, here is the most convenient solution for you. In this article, I am going to discuss a comparison between Panasonic 4K camcorder and Sony 4K Camcorder. I hope you will find the right camera for your shooting purpose.

Both the Panasonic and Sony Camcorder have identical features and different unique features. However, some extraordinary features stand out among all the Camcorder brands.

Some have HDR mode, Filter, Touch screen, Image sensor, etc. Before purchasing a camcorder for hobby or professional use, check the details and features very carefully. Let’s check out the article.

Image sensor

The image sensor typically detects different images. It conveys the information related to the image to make it a whole specification and picture.

The Panasonic camcorder has 1/2.3- inch imaging sensor. On the other hand, the Sony camcorder comes with a 1 /2.5 imaging sensor. So, the Sony camcorder will give you a more clear photo in both near and rear shot.


Aperture is like a window for the lenses of the camcorder. Through this, the light enters the camera. It is expressed in f-numbers. For example- f/1.4, f/2, etc. The number is used to understand the size of the lens opening. Additionally, the aperture can be controlled through the lens or the camcorder.

The Aperture of the Panasonic camcorder is F1.8-3.6, while the Sony camcorder is F2.0-F3.8m. So, you can understand the difference between clear crystals.


If we come to the focal point of both the camcorders, we can detect differences too. The Focal of the Panasonic is 30.8 – 626mm, and the Sony Camcorder is 26.8mm-536.5mm.

Time Lapse

The Panasonic camcorder does not have the feature of time-lapse, but the Sony camcorder has it. Hence, if you want to try something interesting, then the Sony Camcorder can serve your purpose.

Second Twin Camera

Who doesn’t want an extra unique feature in his camcorder? Yes, having a second twin camera is an interesting function to have in a camera. Perhaps, the twin cameras work separately and make your shooting more fun. And the good news is the Panasonic camcorder offers the second twin camera, while the Sony camcorder, unfortunately, doesn’t have the function.

HDR Mode

HDR mode will make your picture quality more detail defined. So, having HDR mode would be a fun part of your interesting shooting. The Panasonic has the HDR mode option that you can use when needed. But the Sony Camcorder lacks the feature here.


The filtering of the picture is essential. Because without filtration, the video will be distorted or can show blurry characters. The Panasonic camcorder has a 49mm filter, and the Sony camcorder offers a 50mm filter. Thus, you can say which one is better.

Till now, we are just focusing on the dissimilarities between the cameras. But they have some of the same features too. Let’s find them out one by one.

  • The both camera comes with a card slot for memory card,
  • Both have microphone and headphone jacks,
  • Built-in WIFI is also available,
  • Both the cameras have face detection function,
  • They have the 20x Optical zoom system,
  • Both of them are 4K camcorder,
  • HD quality shooting,
  • Night-shot function,
  • Both the cameras have Balanced Optical Steady Shot Stabilization function,
  • The Panasonic and Sony Camcorder have 3-inch Touchscreen.

Wrap up

The camcorder is something which was invented to freeze the moment with time being. For this, a good quality camcorder is very important, unless you cannot capture your memorable trip and show it off to your friends.

In this article, we have discussed the characteristics of the Panasonic 4K and Sony 4K Camcorder. It is difficult to say which one is better than the other, but we can differentiate both of them based on some features.

Whatever camcorder you buy, you have to check all the details and manuals. Unless you will not be able to use your favorite camcorder perfectly, and it can be broken if it has not functioned and is used properly.

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