How to Use Camcorder as Webcam Using HDMI

How to Use Camcorder as Webcam Using HDMI

Over the past year, we all have shifted our office at our home. Most of the time, we have to work on our laptop, attend different types of meetings and phone calls. However, the webcam which is built-in to our laptop wasn’t satisfying at all. Also, buying an extra webcam can be costly for anyone in this situation. Regarding this problem, we have a solution for you, and that is you can easily turn your camcorder into a webcam.

Why should you use a camcorder as a webcam?

Give me a simple answer! How many of you know that gamers who stream on their channel always use their camcorder/SLR/DSLR/action camera to get an HD quality video for their supporters. Yes! Most of the gamers use a good quality camera when they go for live streaming. First of all, using a camcorder is way cheaper and hassle-free than buying a new piece of webcam. Second, you can multi-use your devices which will increase and boost the workability. Third, you will get HD and ultra HD quality video from your camcorder as they are supposed to do that.

Using a camcorder as a webcam is as easy as spreading butter on a bread

Most of you will think that camcorders are made with complex settings and features, or if there is no way to make a live stream with them. However, some of the camcorders have a built-in streaming facility where you don’t have to install any internal software to turn it into a webcam. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps you need to take while turning it into a webcam.

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Here is the equipment you need to make your camcorder a webcam

  1. A camcorder with HDMI output
  2. USB video capture card
  3. Video streaming software
  4. Fully charged battery and AC adapter
  5. HDMI cable
  6. A computer or laptop
  7. Tripod or stand(not mandatory)

Here are the steps you need to follow

Step one- Install the USB video capture card

This device will help you to capture the signal to your computer from the camcorder. For external, plug in the video computer card to the USB port of your computer. Choose the fastest version, such as the USB 3.0 port. For an internal Capture device, you have to open up the computer and choose the best PCle slot.

Step two- make your camera

Check your battery before going for the streaming. And, if you are running out of battery, plug in the AC adapter. Turn your camcorder and switch to the video/movie mode.

Step three- Connect the capture device to your camcorder

Plugin the mini/micro HDMI adapter to the HDMI port of your camcorder, and then connect the HDMI cable to the capture device’s port.

Step four- Install the Video streaming software on your computer

Install the video streaming software with the help of a manual. After installation, you will be able to see some videos. If you can see it, then you are okay to connect your camcorder and start your streaming.

Step five- Set your camera

In this step, you are going to set up your camera. Usually, in the camcorder, you need to go to the setting open from the menu; you will be going to see a lot of options for different settings. Press the movie/video mode from the setting. For resolution, you can choose 720p, 1080, or 4k. This resolution will be chosen according to your internet speed and device’s performance. Then, turn off the focus boxes. Switch to autofocus so that you don’t have to go back and touch the screen for the focus. Set your camera on a stand or tripod to get a better view.

Problems you might face

Most camcorders have an option called Auto shut-off. This option will help them to save the battery and work life. When you are trying to stream with your camcorder’s help, you need to turn off the Auto shut-off button so that you can stream your work without any interruption.


Having a good quality webcam is important to beat your current workstation. No one wants to have a blurred vision of themselves while having an important meeting with their clients. Furthermore, during a game streaming or reporting about anything, clear and HD resolution video is mandatory. Using a camcorder as a webcam is a wise choice for anyone right this situation.

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