How to use an iPad as Monitor for Camcorder?

How to use an iPad as Monitor for Camcorder

Shooting with a camcorder is easy and super fun. However, the screen of the camera is quite small. If you need to do Facebook and YouTube live streaming regularly, then you need a professional setup.

On a camcorder screen, you can not get the full specifications of the video. But if you try the same video on the bigger screen, you can get a clear vision for more details and corrections. In this case, I must suggest an iPad or computer. As the screens are large, the streaming function will be presented perfectly and clearly.

Here in this article, we will take you through the guideline on “How to use iPad as a monitor for camcorder.”

Using iPad as a video monitor

Using iPad as a video monitor

As we have discussed above, with the large screen of the iPad, it becomes easy to operate the camcorder for Facebook or YouTube streaming. With any new iPad mini or iPad 4 would be perfect to use the iPad as a video monitor for your camcorder.

You need to use an HDMI from the camera to the monitor of the iPad for connecting. So, you can realize how the iPad screen is beneficial for live streaming from the camcorder.

Why should you choose an iPad as a monitor?

There is no hesitation to say that the iPad is an astonishing and amazing media-consumption device. Although it might not be capable of shooting yet or editing professional video footage while recording, it is still a crucial tool for any filmmaker or videographer professional setup.

There are different simple ways to use an iPad as a monitor for camcorder video streaming. And I am going to describe the simplest way to use the iPad as a monitor.

How to use an iPad as a monitor for a camcorder?

There are some steps to follow using an iPad as a monitor for the camcorder. Let’s check them out-

Essential items for this process

1. iPad

2. A camcorder

3. USB 3.0 cable

4. iCapture grabber card

5. iPad charging cable

6. A Power bank

7. Micro USB cable.

Let’s see the process of using iPad as Monitor for Camcorder-

Step 1: connection of icapture grabber card

First, you will need a iCapture grabber card and two USB cables. Place a 20,000 mAh power bank in the port of the grabber card. Connect USB 2 port power adapter into another port.

Step 2: Powerup of the power adapter

Now, switch on the USB 2 port power adapter. In this process, you can use a mini USB and USB 3.0 cable. The USB cables should be compatible with the iPad.

Step 3: Join with the iPad

After that, your iPad will be joined with the camcorder. And both the devices will be connected. Now they will perform together.

Step 4: Connect the camcorder with the grabber card

Connecting your camcorder with the grabber’s hand is another important step to do. Without this, the whole process of connection of camcorder with iPad will be incomplete.

Step 5: Installing Medialink live

You will get many apps in the apple store. Media link live is one of the best apps for shooting. Now, put the app on your iPad.

Step 6: Setting Media Link Live app with camcorder

After installing, activate the app on your iPad. Then, switch on the camera of the camcorder. You can use the iPad as a monitor and see the entire picture of the camcorder.

Step 7: Do the process on a tripod

Finally, place your tripod in a place where you can get enough light. Then connect all the equipment together. Inspect the functions of each item. You can also do a test-run.

Wrap up

So you can see how an iPad can be used as a monitor for the camcorder shooting. With the help of an iPad, you can easily add, cut, clip, and do other technical functions with ease. Thus, I don’t think you will think twice about buying an iPad if you are thinking of making a professional video with a camcorder. The camcorder and iPad combination is perfect for editing and presenting a professional-style video to the audience.

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