How to Connect Camcorder to Computer for Live Streaming

How to Connect Camcorder to Computer for Live Streaming

In the modern age, people want to become popular and try to give an individual opinion for any running issue or something else. If you are thinking this, you can use the webcam. But camcorder is a popular electronic portable device which is helping to record video or audio playback. Many people, such as filmmakers and professional videographers, benefit from improving picture and color quality.

Though camcorders have low storage, there is a solution for you. With digital features, camcorders can connect to the computer or laptop for live streaming and enlarge storage by using USB.So, people search the question of How to connect the camcorder to a computer for live streaming. As a result, we are presenting this article for those people who can clear the concept.

Some Processes need to follow for connecting the camcorder to a computer

You had known the process of connection before connecting the camcorder to a computer. While knowing how to connect the camcorder to a live streaming computer, you know what is needed for starting the live stream. Such as:

Buy a camcorder and computer

When you are professional, you can buy your camcorder and computer. But if this work is your hobby, you may borrow them from anyone for live streaming. Using a lens is a better way to get a unique and excellent video recording.

Arrange the fastest internet connection

If you want to live stream without any hassle, you should have a fast internet connection. For this reason, you can easily broadcast your video or live stream.

Collect or Buy USB cable

First, you have to collect or buy a USB cable because both the computer and camcorder have a USB port for connecting each other with a USB cable.

Variant cable

Sometimes the computer’s USB port doesn’t work or doesn’t have a port. You can use a VGA cable in this situation. But you should see whether your camcorder supports VGA cable or not.

Required Software

Some actual application and software detail are given below:

Video broadcasting software

Firstly, you have to go to Amazon to install video broadcasting software on your computer. On this site, you get many paid and unpaid software. According to your afford or wish, you can choose anyone from Bebo, Camelion, and Wirecast.

Use RTMP application

Usually, the RTMP application protects your live stream from a connection drop and supports you for an uninterrupted broadcast.

Create your channels

One of the requirements to broadcast live video is a channel. A Channel is your ID where you can go live and share your emotions. It relates to you and allows you to share emotions through live video. Creating a channel is easy; open broadcasting and go through the setup wizard. It would be best if you had a channel for streaming. If you don’t, then create one.

Follow the steps after installment.

  • Some steps are:Install software that is balanced with your camcorder. Livestream, UStream, and Stream offer you to enjoy your free broadcasting software. You may also use Justin TV or Blog TV as they don’t require any software.
  • Scroll broadcasting software where you find an option for creating a new account.
  • To get better quality of the video, install an RTMP which helps to stabilize your video recording.
  • To record a perfect video, you need to use a tripod to keep your camcorder stable.
  • After doing these, the entire USB cable plug; one part will go to the camcorder, and another part will go to the computer. However, you can use a VGA cable as an alternative to the USB cable if you face any issue with your USB cable.
  • Configure the live streaming settings, which are different from each other.
  • Finally, you can start your live streaming. Unless you are careful about your room or surrounding area’s light, your recording video or live streaming becomes dark.
  • You also check your voice clip. Be careful that there is no delay between video and audio.
  • Before doing live streaming, you can practice getting a perfect performance. When you want to show some focusing things in the live streaming, you can keep that thing before starting video recording.
  • Click the broadcasting button, which may show Go live or Start streaming on your computer.
  • Lastly, hit the finish button after completing your streaming or video recording.


Using a live video platform is a unique way of sharing thoughts or views in this technology era. When you decide to express your opinion or views with live streaming, you can use the camcorder. It gives more professional footage. It gives you extra advantages like different lenses, zooms in and out, etc. You need an internet connection, laptop, and USB cables. That’s why it is getting more and more popular these days.

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