How to clean Camcorder heads? Step-by-Step Guide

cleaning camcorder head

You cannot remember all the life events, but some special moments always remain in our memory. Technology can not modify the human structure but can invent new useful devices that serve our purpose perfectly. The video recorder or camcorder is one of them.

You may not remember your trip to America a few years ago, where a camcorder can record the sights and store them for ages.

The device is our real companion of memory; for this, we need to take good care of it. In case of taking care, the cleaning of the camcorder head is important. But you can not do this anyway. If you do so, this can damage the camcorder lens and make the camera dysfunctional. So, to know the proper way of how to clean the camcorder head, let’s dive into the article and keep our camcorder functional to record memories for the future.

How to Clean Camcorder Heads with a Cleaning Tape?

The camcorder is the daily life companion if your working field is related to shooting scenery or spots. For this, the cleanliness of the camcorder is necessary.

To clean the camcorder head in a super simple way is- to use a dry cleaning cassette or tape.

The cleaning cassette is specially designed for camcorder cleaning. Also, the cassette will be provided with your camcorder when buying from the market. So, you need not take the hassle of looking for it from shops to shops.

If you do not know how to clean the camcorder head, then you must follow the instruction label given with your camera.

Items You Will Need for Cleaning

All work needs some special equipment to complete. The cleaning of the camcorder head is not the exception. The items you will need to clean the camcorder head-

  1. Tape Head Cleaner,
  2. Freon TF Head Cleaner
  3. Cotton Swabs
  4. Chamois Leather Cloth
  5. Non-Slip Cleaning Fluid
  6. Compressed Air Duster

Can You Clean a Camcorder Head Without a Cleaning Tape?

If you do not have the cleaning tape anyhow, will you not be able to clean the camcorder head? No. There are always alternatives. The same goes for the task.

We can follow the mentioned steps below for cleaning the camcorder head with a cleaning tape.

The cleaning process by the cleaning tape sometimes can not clean the head entirely. For this, too, you can take the alternative step for cleaning the camcorder head to get the best result.

Step 1- The Tape Compartment Opening

You have to open the tape compartment at the very first step. Why do you need to do this? It will help to check the presence of any debris or dirt in there. If you find any, clean immediately with a dry and soft cleaning cloth.

Step 2- Blow the Tape Compartment

Then you have to blow the tape compartment to clean with compressed air. There are different parts here, such as roller guides, capstan, drum head, and pinch roller.

Step 3- Wiping the Capstan

You need to wet cotton with the Freon TF cleaner for the camcorder head. Then, wipe the capstan with the cotton swab. Do the process until the capstan is clean?

Step 4- Wiping the Pinch Roller

Clean the pinch roller in the same process as a capstan. You need to spin the pinch roller and swab the cotton against the roller. You have to rotate the roller with one hand and clean with another.

Step 5- Wiping the Roller Guides:

You need to clean the roller guides in the same process as the capstan and pinch roller. Clean the roller guides until they shine brightly.

Step 6- Wiping the Drum’s head:

Cleaning the drum head, you need to soak a chamois cloth in the cleaner. Then wipe the whole drum head with the piece of fabric. But keep in mind, do not press it against the head. You have to clean the drum head with a gentle hand.

After the finishing of the cleaning process, you can insert a tape to see if the camcorder is working smoothly or not.

And your camcorder head is all clean now!

Wrap up

To keep a machine working for years, you need to take good care of it. And the head of the camcorder is the essential part of the device. So, to circulate the device, you have to clean the camcorder head carefully to get a clear view.

To do the task, you can see different processes mentioned in the article. Make sure you go through the whole process and follow the steps accordingly. Thus, you can get the desired result.

Finally, you do not need to ask how to clean the camcorder head? Because now you know how to do it!

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