How much is a Veo Soccer camera?


Life is really unpredictable. And the journey of Veo Technologies proves it well. A simple frustration leads them to invent such a great company. The soccer camera of Veo technologies comes with a new genre of fast sports recording video camera.

Here, you are able to record with a cameraman; you can enjoy the facility of recording 180 degrees, you can even create and upload your own highlights and whatnot. Though the idea came from an unfortunate event, it is providing its consumers the best.

Keld Reinicke, the co-founder of Veo Technologies, was actually late for his son’s soccer match in 2015. As he was late, he was not able to present at the beginning of the game. As most soccer matches do not have a recording facility, Reinickle missed the chance to see a rare goal. Being truly disappointed, he discovers the necessity of a good camera to record a soccer match.

Discovering a new idea

He was trying to construct a camera that can cover the entire field without having a cameraman. He aimed to make the best use of the technology. Thus, Reinicke shared his ideas with VR expert Jesper Taxbol, a future Veo co-founder. Eventually, the idea of a camera developed which can capture the whole pitch. With the help of that camera, every single detail will notice.

In the camera, they have placed two 4K video sensors at an angle in a box. The camera is 23 feet high above the pitch. This feature helps the camera to get a 180-degree panoramic view and record the field from end to end.

Veo technologies were actually formed after having its third co-founder. Henrik Teisbæ is the third co-founder of Veo technologies who had also co-founded another company entitled Billetto. Billetto is known for one of Scandinavia’s largest ticketing services. They settled their office in the downtown of Copenhagen.

Soccer Camera

Soccer is getting more recognition in today’s world. The way sports technology is moving provides the audience to have a better view of analysis and player development better than ever before.

A few years back, recording soccer was a bit difficult to execute. To coordinate and record the whole match, the videographer had to face many problems. After analyzing the necessity and the problems, Veo technologies come with a new soccer camera that can automatically record a running soccer match and training sessions.

Sounds easy, right?? Even a few years back, no one could imagine having such great facilities. With the upgrading of the camcorders, recording any games becomes so relaxable. 

How does the camera work?

Veo technologies provide you the opportunity to record the whole 180-degree angle without having a cameraman. It will start from the time you click on the start button and continue recording until you stop it and save it. And if you connect to the internet, it will automatically upload the recorded match.

The AI software will assist you in finding the ball. You can decide and present the highlights you wanted. You can even download the recorded match or share it with the players, coaches and family, friends.

Easy operating system

Veo with their soccer recording camera provides an opportunity for the teams, clubs, or even parents to get a camera at an affordable price. The coaches and referees can easily operate the camera to keep their focus on the soccer game.

These sports camcorders are a bit different from the regular ones. The Veo camcorders are way more comfortable. With the help of the Veo soccer camera, they can create their own highlight of the match.

‍Veo technologies are currently working with at least 10 clubs in MLS. They are also supporting the biggest soccer leagues in the world, for example, Serie A, the Premier League, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, and LaLiga. Worldwide, 10000 coaches and more than 2200 clubs actively run their respective works by using the equipment of Veo technologies. They also offer a soccer scholarship for the kids.

The Pricing

The camera itself is priced at $799 and will cost you if you want to have the soccer camera of Veo technologies. If you want to have the tripod, it will cost you around $250. They offer an annual subscription ranging from $1,100 to $1,500. It totally varies on which package you are interested in for recording your soccer match.

If you want something amazing like the Veo technologies soccer recording camera, then it’s totally worth it as it will provide you the most amazing experience of recording the whole field without having a single cameraman. It will save some costs ultimately. Again having a 180-degree view, being able to take your customized highlights is something that you eventually do not want to miss at all. So investing in this budget should not bother you that much.

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