How Do You Do Action Sports Videos?

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Videography is fun work to do if you are passionate about it. Capturing exciting moments in your camera makes it more special. And if you are interested in recording sports video, you may have a chance to witness more exciting moments.

But, of course, like any other job, there will be a certain procedure. And, if you are recording action sports, you have to follow some tricks and tips. Our article will help you to record action sports videos.

Some Things to Keep in Mind to do Action Sports Videos

If you are going to start recording action videos, there is some suggestion that you may need to look at.

Find the right amount of inspiration

There are a hundred options of sports to cover. You just need to find out which you are interested in the most. You can have a look at a couple of videos online. It will assist you in deciding your desired one. Follow the popular videos and carefully notice how they are taking shots, in which area they are focusing the most. You can even note it down and try to generate your own idea. If you are new to action sports video, this will help you a lot. You can find your inspiration from them.

Keep your gear lightweight

If you are shooting action videos, you have to deal with your gears. Just suppose you have to climb a mountain to shoot a specific sports video. For shooting, you need to climb with your gears. In these situations, you need to keep the gear of your camera lightweight as much as possible. Be prepared whenever you have a shoot in these locations.

Use action cameras

If you are a sports filmmaker, you ought to have an action camera. They are popular among sports filmmakers also, as you can capture unique angles with them. Their sizes are also really comfortable to carry, and it is easier for you to add a few Point-of-view (POV) clips by using them in the recording to make your video more unique.

Do not go on their sizes, as with Point-of-view (POV) clips; you can even shoot with thousands of special angles. You can use domes while recording action sports in the water. Again, while capturing a mountain bike video, you can fix the camera on the front fork facing up towards the biker to get better views. Spread your imagination to have more ideas to cover the sports.

Keep your focus on the recorded audio

Audios are also an important part of any kind of video. If anyone is looking for the recorded version, they must expect quality audio also. But in most cases, the recorded sound of the camera is unusable. So, you have to arrange an external recorder while shooting. You have to keep in mind the wind also. It will hit the microphone when it is on the athlete. So, when you have to arrange your setup, keep in mind all these.

Keep your shots steady yet dynamic

Steady shots are one the most demanded stuff in any sports video. Though in the sports events, players are continuously moving, yet the audience prefers to see a steady shot, not a chaotic one.

The solution is simple. Use a good tripod along with a suitable sports camcorder for recording. But your task is to make that steady shot looking outstanding. For that, you have to focus on composing the shots. You can add the landscape in the shot to make it more dynamic.

You may use a gimbal for that purpose also. There are several gimbals available on the market for sports action cameras. It will help to capture those moving shots, and the audience will have a good watching experience. The shots also depend on a well-stabilized lens and body stabilization (IBIS). You can use a wider lens to have some stable shots also.

The high frame rate for slow-motion

The standard frame rate of 24 fps is not applicable for shooting action sports videos as the action sports videos require a lot of slow-motion clips for revisiting the interesting moments easily. For recording action sports video, you have to use 60+fps. There are a lot of things moving; to record those fast-moving objects, you need to use 60+fps.

You cannot be a professional in recording action sports video within a few days or months. With grabbing more experience, you can do better. Camcorders are always there to capture the moments, and make your video look stunning. They provide you the option to do live also.

Again, you need to keep the focus on your goal. Do a lot of brainstorming to think about different shots. You have to gather ideas about the newly released technologies to record any sports videos, and which equipment is better to use. And, our article is also here to help in your beautiful journey as an action sports filmmaker.

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