Canon XA30 Review

Canon XA30

Over my long years of using camcorder experience, the camcorder-related thing that bothered me most is the unavailability of a web version sharing option. Let’s just imagine this scenario. You have finished the filming and are about to share it on the web or social media. You just found out then that there is no such option available in your camcorder. Now you need to manually convert your mp4 videos.

It’s certainly a hassle, right? What if there’s a camcorder that can provide you both the HD and web version simultaneously and allow you directly upload the web-version videos? Not only has this dual video capturing option, but the Canon XA30 camcorder also comes with all other exclusive features to make it a number one choice for many users.

Canon XA30 Review

Let’s dig in more about this product. First, we’re going to unveil its amazing features.

20x Zoom Lens

The zoom lens of this camcorder features a minimum focus range of 23.6-inch and a zooming distance of 35mm. You’ll enjoy more natural-looking realistic image quality due to its improved 8-blade design. The standard zoom ring is totally easy to use. You can use it to ensure adjustment of different directions and camcorder sensitivity mode. Auto adjustment of zoom speed from constant to fast, normal, or slow while recording your video is possible. This makes the camcorder more comfortable to operate.

Improved CMOS Sensor

The new CMOS sensor of XA30 delivers better low light performance along with superior image quality. It produces the exact reflection of what you see with your own eyes. You don’t need to bother about the visual quality when you shoot. This model provides a +3 dB upgradation of the signal-to-noise ratio to result in extremely clear image pixels to generate excellent quality.

OLED Touch Panel

The 3.5-inch OLED display of the Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder offers an exceptionally good viewing angle. Even if you shoot from an awkward position or angle, you will still get a decent viewpoint, thanks to its 10,000:1 contrast ratio. Moreover, the viewfinder has a tilting ability of up to 45-degrees to provide you an extended range. There is also a small joystick that you can use to operate the viewfinder instead of the touch panel.

1080p Video Format

Though the XA30 model lacks 4k video resolution, it combines other video recording flexibilities to offer the users better camcorder experiences. There are options for adjusting different recording modes, including AVCHD and MP4. The usual frame rate of this camcorder is 24p, which is the ideal one for filming or recording documentaries.

Wide Dynamic Visual Range

This high-end camcorder model captures highly bright footage areas, smoothens them out, filters the colors, makes them closer to real-life view, then boosts the dynamic range by a few hundred percent. All of this operation is done automatically. Due to this amazing feature, the XA30 unit emerges as the standout option among all other expensive 4k models.

Wireless connectivity

The XA30 unit features in-built dual-band Wi-Fi settings that have a wider range to cover between 2.4 to 5GHz). Using this wireless feature, you can send your captured raw footage to the cloud-based platform or any other private server using the FTP. In addition to that, you can connect the model to any hotspot, smartphone, smart TV, laptop, computer, etc.

Exclusive Camcorder Features

Apart from all the basic facilities, the Canon XA camcorder also features different creative options. The new highlight priority doesn’t miss out on any detail while compressing footage, whereas the view assist feature ensures visuals with exact brightness. In addition, an intelligent image stabilization mode removes the effect of unwanted camera shake. The dual SD card adaptability also benefits users by great means.


  • Compact and small design with multiple functions.
  • XLR audio inputs to provide clear sound quality.
  • Externally mounted control handle.
  • Availability of dual SD card slots.
  • Compatible with both auto and manual focus.
  • Capable of directly uploading videos to the web version without any conversion.


  • Longer time required for the auto white balance function.
  • A comparatively expensive camcorder.

Final Verdict

Considering the overall ins and outs of the Canon XA30 camcorder, it can be safely decided that this unit is a professional-grade camera option that you can use on numerous occasions. Furthermore, it is a well-built camcorder that perfectly fits the student filmmakers or the professional crews. Overall, this unit is an all-around perform

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