Canon Vixia HF R700 Review

Canon Vixia HF R700 review

There are a lot of options for a budget camcorder in the market right now. However, most of the time, there is a huge difference between a budget camcorder and a flagship camcorder.

Canon Vixia HF R700 breaks the wheel of that trend. This very camera is obviously not flagship-level, but Canon HF is offering a lot more than regular budget camcorders with a slight price increase on this one. In fact, this can just be the perfect entry-level camcorder for your filming. It is truly a wonder as the Vixia HF R700 is providing most of the features a flagship camcorder mostly provides.

Features of Canon Vixia HF R700

3.0 Inch Capacitive Touch Panel Display

Having the 3.0-inch display crystal clear display is a blessing as it makes the icons more visible and also does redundancy of touch errors in the long run.

On the other hand, owning a camcorder with an ideal display also helps the users to have outstanding videos as the user gets the best view while recording, taking snaps, and shots.

The display’s touchscreen sensor and clearness have had a quite noticeable improvement too, which makes this camcorder a lot more special than most of the budget camcorders. Finally, having a larger display makes the camcorder’s size huge, which will affect a camcorder’s portability. So, owning a camcorder with the ideal display size (which is 3.0 – 3.5 inches) is the best choice unless the user has individual special requirements.

Zoom Framing Assistance

This very feature is a huge uplift of experience to both new users and experienced users of camcorders. The zoom framing assistance allows you to use manual and auto filming modes simultaneously, which allows its users to have the best outcome as they are able to shift from one mode to another according to the circumstance. The feature also enhances the experience while filming in high zoom range, 57x advanced zoom especially. It also comes with 32X optical zoom options.

In the budget camcorders, mostly this feature is not provided, and at times it gets tough to stabilize and expect a perfect output. Without this very mode, it also gets tough for users to film while moving. Switching from one zoom mode to another with a few taps is without a doubt a great feature for all kinds of filming, and this is what this very feature exactly provides.

High Priority Mode

The camcorder also comes with this very mode that stabilizes and equalizes the brightness, contrast, and also sharpness of snaps and shots. It is a great feature that helps the users to brush up their overall output while filming.

Although it is not as good as the HDR mode, which is provided in high-end camcorders, for the budget it comes with, it is a total win as this feature is up to the mark and does not have a noticeable difference. Most of the budget camcorders don’t usually come with a feature like this, the highest they come with is the optical image stabilization.

Advanced Baby Mode

If you are looking for a camcorder to record all the memories with your child and the loved ones, this can definitely be the ultimate choice for you. The baby mode in most of the Canon HF camcorders is amazing, and the advanced baby mode of this camcorder is totally the same as the high-end camcorders released by Canon. The baby mode basically cancels the flash and also boosts the ISO with proper equalization, which helps to get the perfect exposure in the films. The lighting and concert definitely feel better in this very mode. The vibe it gives is definitely perfect for recording memories that you would like to see in the future.

On the other hand, the baby-themed animated stamps make the flexibility in shooting and, in a sense, very cute. Also, there are options to record the baby according to his/her age, weight, height, etc. Overall, this very feature is quite unique compared to camcorders of most of the other brands, and for someone who is planning to record memories with his/her child/children, this without any hitch can be a great choice to go for because of its Advanced and Adaptable Baby Mode.

Intelligent IS (Image Stabilizer)

This feature enhances the adaptability of the camcorder immensely for beginners. Having issues like unwanted shaking during taking shots, lighting issues, high contrast, etc., are eradicated with the help of these two features. The feature also helps users to instantly switch shooting modes from one mode to another while shooting according to the circumstance. Although these features consume a higher amount of battery, the high battery life of almost 6 hours makes up for this very issue. The Image Stabilizer also enhances the picture quality of the snaps taken with the camcorder with its intelligent habit.


Coming to the pros of Canon Vixia HF R700, there are many.Firstly, the camcorder is definitely an upgrade compared to the budget camcorders because of the amazing battery life, premium features, screen improvement, slow motion images & videos, and obviously the Zoom Framing Assistance. On the other hand, it is extremely affordable, too, compared to the high-end cameras.

According to the users, the Advanced Baby Mode in this camcorder is amazing and is loved by the majority of the people who have used this very mode. Last but not the least, the camcorder also has an ideal display size, weight, which makes it portable.


Along with the advantages, there are a few disadvantages too. As most of the camcorders of this generation have Wi-Fi, this camcorder is a bit left-back, as it does not provide that feature, which makes it limited from dual screen filming and various forms of image and video transfer. On the other hand, this camcorder also does not come with internal storage, so without an removable SD Card, the camcorder will not be able to store the snaps and shots taken using it. However, you can buy 32 GB or 64 GB standard SD card and put them into the memory card slot.

Final Verdict

Although it is not as good as the high-end cameras and is limited to a few features, the camcorder can lead the majority of the users to a premium experience of filming and taking snaps at a very affordable cost. The Advanced Baby Mode, Zoom Framing Assistance, and the Battery Life are the main attraction of the camcorder.

The camcorder, without a doubt, is versatile and can always come in handy. There are countless products of the same category, which are more affordable, but this one is different from them because of the features it comes with and the premium vibe it gives. Overall, it is a fantastic budget camcorder to own to do various types of filming.

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