Camcorder vs Action Camera: Everything You Need to Know

Camcorder vs Action Camera

Making a video is a lot easier nowadays because of the different ranges of cameras. However, people always get confused about what type of camera they should buy for their video project. This article is mainly focused on Action Camera and Camcorder. You will get all the details about the camcorder and action camera over here, which will help you to choose the right one while buying it. 

What is a camcorder?


Let’s go with the basics first. What is a camcorder, actually? If you want a simple answer, it will be a camera which records everything. It’s actually a combination of a television camera, lens, video recorder, and a plus generator, allowing you to record the visual and audio in a cassette, DVD, or memory card.

The camcorder doesn’t use any film to store or capture the video. Instead of films, it uses lenses that focus on the incoming light onto the surface, and the light rays convert into different series of voltages. After that, the circuitry converts the voltages into a digital signal. This signal is stored in magnetic tapes, memory cards, DVDs, or hard drives. The stored files can be watched on TV or projector if you use suitable cables.

What is an action camera?


An action camera is just like any other simple digital camera. However, it is different from the size and specifications of others. First of all, it is smaller than any other camera so that you can fit it perfectly on your helmet or hand. After that, it comes with different accessories which will help you to attach it to your helmet or bike or on hand. Not only that, it is waterproof, so that you can take all of your unique underwater photos and videos too.

With action cameras, you can take any surreal landscapes and give life to your videos and photos. Another additional feature of an action camera is its wide lens can take a full view of your video or photo.

Camcorder VS Action Camera

When it comes about buying a camera for recording your best moment, you will probably want something that totally fits your demand. Let’s have a look at the differences between a camcorder and an action camera.


Usually, action cameras come in a small size which helps you to fit them anywhere. However, camcorders are much bigger than action cameras.

Hands Free facility

Most of the camcorders need someone who will carry them while taking any shot. On the other hand, for an action camera, you can leave it on your helmet or cycle or anywhere to take your perfect shot.

Easy to use: To operate a camcorder, you need to have the least knowledge about it. On the other hand, action cameras are designed for non-professionals who can easily use them and make their own videos without any hassles.


Camcorders aren’t waterproof. You can not take them underwater to take your one of the best shots. On the other hand, action cameras are made to work underwater properly. It is perfectly manufactured for those who can go beyond and extreme when it comes to blogging.


In a camcorder, you can always check what you are capturing. On the other hand, action cameras don’t require any viewfinder. But, don’t worry, you can check your captures or shots from your smartphone. You just need to download the app, which is recommended by the action camera manufacturer

Which one is the better?

If you are looking for professional shooting, where you need to have good lighting, setup, and sound, you can simply go for the camcorder. You will get a camcorder at a different price point. However, the specifications are quite similar.

On the other hand, if you want some raw footage of your recent adventure that you are planning, and if you desire some wide-angle landscape shots, you can buy an action camera. You can place your action camera on your head, shoulder, wrist, or even on your bike.

Conclusion: Buying a suitable camera is not a hard task if you know its specifications and features. Both camcorder and action camera are suitable according to their task. If you are looking for a cheap and easy-to-use camera, we will recommend you to buy an action camera first.

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