Best Camcorder for Podcasting 2022: Podcasting Video Camera

Best Camcorder for Podcasting

There was a time when podcasts were just an audio medium. But in recent times, podcasters tend to share their podcasts’ recorded videos or live stream the sessions on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. That is why the demand for the best camcorder for podcasting is increasing.

If you want to start your new podcast or update your existing one with video streaming, the first thing you need to do is to choose a camcorder that is perfectly fit for your podcast capture.

You can effectively grow your audience to the next level, or you can draw more of your fan base by your impressive video quality with the fantastic features of a dedicated camcorder. Buying a podcast-oriented camcorder depends on some technical parameters like record time, resolution quality, battery run-time, etc. Here is a write-up for you focusing on the best cameras available for podcasts in the market.

Best Camcorder for Podcasting 2021: Podcasting Video Camera

First, take a glimpse at the summarized version.

  1. best for youtube podcasting: Sony FDR AX53
  2. Best Megapixels: Panasonic HC-WXf991k
  3. Best value camera: Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V770
  4. Best zooming capability: Sony HXR-MC2500E Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder
  5. Best display screen: Canon XF305 Professional Camcorder
  6. Best portability: Sony HXR-MC2500E Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder
  7. Best rated: Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder with 64GB Internal Flash Memory and Full Manual Control
  8. Best Podcasting Camera ever: JVC GY-HM250U Camcorder, 3.5″, Black
  9. Best dual video recording: Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System Professional Camcorder, Black (PXWFS5)
  10. Best image sensor: Canon XF400 Professional Camcorder, Black

Let’s know the products elaborately now.

1.  Sony FDR AX53: best for youtube podcasting

Sony’s third camcorder model in the market is the Sony FDR-AX53 which comes with a bit larger body, but a smaller-sized sensor being attached to the body. This camcorder is cheaper than others, but it possesses almost all the cool stuff to attract many global users. You shouldn’t use this camcorder for commercial purposes due to its compact body, but considering other advanced features, this camcorder is highly recommended for recording or live streaming your podcast.

FDRAX53 delivers you the video recording in an incredible 1080p resolution. You can shoot both 4k quality 30p videos/movies and high-quality full-HD 60p videos. The XAVCS Codec technology enables you to shoot totally clear and vibrant videos, whereas the image sensor is around 1.6 times greater pixel than other typical handycams/camcorders. Don’t worry about shooting in darker conditions. This camcorder will take care of such situations.

The ZEISS lens with a focal length of 26.8mm gives the podcasters freedom to shoot/live stream both the 20x and 30x videos. Steady-shot image stabilization technology helps in getting rid of any sort of camera shaking or distortion. Thus, you can capture vivid shoot of your podcast sessions. Multi-purpose rings adjust different camera functions, including zoom, shutter speed, focus, camera exposure, etc. The electronic viewfinder does an excellent job and shoots the live preview of your podcasting.


  • Video quality of 16.6 megapixels.
  • Steady-shot image stabilization process.
  • 4k video recording with XAVC-S technique.
  • 5-axis microphone to catch sound from all directions.


  • UStream live stream allows sharing your live podcast.
  • Super-sampling technology to provide better HD videos.
  • Both Slow-motion and time-lapse video are supported.


  •  No HDMI connectivity.
  • No internal memory.


If you’re looking to get some really cool camera features within your limited budget, Sony FDRAX53 Camcorder is certainly one of the best camcorders for your podcasting operation.

2.  Panasonic Full HD Video Camera Camcorder HC-V770

Despite the high-end status of this camcorder, it’s not any difficult to operate and get yourself accustomed to it. Touchscreen with 3-inch of size can give you full operation without any hassle of physical and manual buttons. There’s also a multi-manual dial along with this camcorder. You can spin it or push it to adjust your desired manual parameter. Options like focus, sharpness, shutter speed, color saturation, white balance, etc., are controlled by this dial.

You can reach different dedicated functions easily with this camcorder, like the power buttons. Common playback, Wi-Fi shortcuts, level shot, etc. HC-V770 supports both the mic jack and A/V settings. Moreover, there is also a USB slot and a micro-HDMI port. There’s also the availability of Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control this camcorder using your smartphone or tablet simply by installing Panasonic Image App. It also comes with NFC enable features. You can do real-time broadcasting of your podcast as it supports UStream.

Enjoy the 20x optical zoom settings accompanied by an intelligent 50x level. Capture the best details and excellent visuals, thanks to its crystal engine photo processor and the BSI sensor. The 4-drive lens of this camcorder will give the performance of a lifetime. 5-axis optical stabilization technique removes the shaky effects and distortion. The advanced microphone can catch every sound from the surroundings. Twin camera tricks will give you multi-angle picture capturing.


  • 4-drive lens with 20x zoom and focal length varying from 4.08 to 81.6mm.
  • Excellent HDR movie recording.
  • BSI sensor to suppress noise while recording.
  • Wireless twin camera to capture multi-angle shoots.
  • Real-time broadcasting facilities.
  •  Baby monitoring options.


  •  Professional video and audio capturing quality.
  • Easy to adjust for the automatic controls.
  • Remote shooting, view or live streaming.
  • Easy to connect to smartphones, tablets, or laptops.


  •  No built-in memory facilities.
  • External power support requirement to the external mic.


Coming with a strong hardware construction and almost all necessary software adjustments, Panasonic HC-V770 Camcorder can deliver what you need within your range.           

3.  Panasonic HC-WXF991K

This camcorder model is an upgrade of its predecessor WX970, features different advanced and attractive technologies, including dolly zoom, slow-motion video, tiltable electronic viewfinder, etc. But I think the best of Panasonic HC-WXF991K is its incredible lens. LEICA Decoma lens supports a 20x zooming level, while the smart image stabilization technology allows the users to enjoy the tilt-free capture. BSI MOS Sensor provides 4k videos of 18.91 megapixels.

This camera also supports Twin camera technology. So, you can shoot multi-picture videos from multiple angles and directions. You can also apply different edit options like zooming, tracking, stabilizing, panning, etc. Different video effects like dolly zoom, 4k time lapsing, slow-motion capture, etc., are available with it.

Through this unit’s in-built Wi-Fi settings, you can operate your camcorder from any remote place by using your smartphone. You can also upload the live stream or recorded videos to the UStream platform and let your family members or friends enjoy the live podcasting. The built-in microphone offers premium quality as well.


  • 1080p 4K HD recording with editing option.
  • Electronic viewfinder to offer professional quality.
  •  5x image stabilization technology supported.
  • 20x zooming capabilities.
  • A dedicated HDR button allows quick mode changes.
  • In-built Wi-Fi supported.


  • In-camera video editing facility.
  • Provides cinema-like effects.
  • A unit within your budget.


  • Poor color-render service.
  • Noise being captured in the recording.
  • Fuzziness may appear in a 4k video shoot.


Panasonic HC-WXF991K is one of the most user-friendly camcorders that I have experienced. It’s a great unit for beginners who are looking for 4K HD camcorders for podcast recording.

4.  JVC GY-HM250U Camcorder, 3.5″, Black: best camera for streaming podcast

JVC GY-HM250U Camcorder, 3.5", Black

A full-featured professional camcorder that comes with an image sensor to capture the UHD 4k video of your podcast session is JVC GY-HM250U Camcorder. It also enables the users to add different graphic overlays without any external switcher or character generator in the HD recording or live streaming videos. It also supports an integrated live streaming engine that allows this camera to stream Full HD podcast video on a live platform.

This unit delivers 12x optical zoom and a 24x range of dynamic zoom in full HD quality. A 3.5-inch LCD helps in finding all controls/settings quite easily. You can easily see the screen even in bright sunny day conditions. The CMOS image sensor delivers enormous 12.4 million pixels for ensuring the premium-level video quality. JVC GY-HM250U can shoot dual recording options of 30p and 60p videos.

This unit has two SD memory card slots accompanied by dual internal ND filter settings being attached to it. It also comes with 2-channel XLR sound inputs to offer strong audio quality. There’s also an integrated microphone along with a camera body. Overall, it presents an incredible audio performance.


  • Tele-macro functional 12x zooming lens.
  • The focal length of 29.6 to 355mm, equivalent to 35mm.
  • Better HD quality recording with 24x dynamic zoom.
  •  Smart focus assistant function.
  • Dual memory card slots.


  • Super-sharp HD quality recording.
  • Designed with consideration of professional use.
  • Crispier audio performance with integrated audio settings.


  • Monitor or the viewfinder can’t produce real-life color.
  • The zooming range is relatively lower.


You won’t get many camcorders that are capable of shooting live streaming content or videos like JVC GY-HM250U. Considering this is the arsenal you might need to include in your podcast camcorder.

5.  Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder with 64GB Internal Flash Memory and Full Manual Control

Canon XA10

Canon XA10 Camcorderis specially designed as the possible compact way, but still, it manages to incorporate almost all the useful features into it. the 1.71-pound weight of this unit makes it an easy one to use and operate freely for shooting your podcast. Coming with a removable top-mounted handle adds a more professional look and helps in capturing low-angle shooting with it. There are two XLR audio inputs being attached to the body supported by an external mic holder, and manual audio controls give this camcorder the perfect audio performance.

You may record 1080p full HD videos at higher 1920 x 1080 resolution. You can choose between different bit rate modes ranging from 5 to 24Mbps. SuperRange Image stabilization gives distortion-free images. There are 16 different zoom speeds from which you can pick one for your camcorder. 5-mode intelligent autofocus feature gives a vibrant and purer viewpoint. XA10’s 3.5-inch sized touchscreen LCD display presents 922,000 dots. It gives a better view of controls to the users in bright conditions as well.

It features a 64GB internal memory with two SD card slots. Relay recording will automatically switch the recording option to the memory cards. You won’t miss anything at all. There are connectivity options like HDMI, USB 2.0 port, an accessory shoe, distant control terminal, etc. 


  • AVCHD file format with CMOS image sensor.
  • 10x HD lens with 8-blade iris, supported by the manual focus ring.
  • 4.25 to 42.5mm focal length of the lens.
  •  3.5-inch touch screen, producing 922,000 dots.
  • HDMI and USB 2.0 connectivity.
  • Viewfinder of approx. 260,000 dots.


  • Detachable top-mounted handle.
  • Automatic gain control limit to adjust noise and brightness in the dark.
  • Infra-red video recording mode to shoot with less ambient light.
  • Small and portable unit.


  •  Lightweight construction might add many cameras shaking.


Canon XA10 Camcorder comes with cooler features, but nothing is much cooler than its coverability of HD video to standard definition videos without losing the original video. Whoever wants their video podcast at 1080p full HD would love this unit.

6.  Sony HXR-MC2500E Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder

Sony HXR-MC2500E Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder

If you want to enjoy the professional feel and inherent stability of a shoulder-mount camcorder, then Sony HXR-MC2500E Shoulder Mount AVCHD Camcorder would be the best choice for your purpose. Its wide-angle lens provides a zooming option of 12x range along with a 26.8mm focal length.

3-inch LCD viewscreen features 0.92 million dot resolution. Thus, it ensures an excellent viewscreen for your operation. The electronic viewfinder supports OLED Tru-Finder technology with a 1.44million dots resolution to ensure a better viewing angle. Exmor R CMOS Sensor delivers 0.8 lux illumination along with 33 dB, and a built-in LED light with 800 lumens of brightness gives a great low-light shooting experience. SteadyShot image stabilization technology with Active mode function compensates the hand/camera shake.

HXR-MC2500E supports Wi-Fi connection and NFC features to enable this camcorder to be controlled and operated from a distant smartphone or tablet. You can apply functions like zooming, start/stop mode, iris control, autofocus, etc. You can have manual control over different technical options with the assignable lens ring. It’s equipped with an in-built memory of 32GB. Also, it offers an SD slot for supporting additional memory cards as well.


  • 26.8mm wide-angle lens.
  • 3-inch LCD screen.
  •  Manual control ring.
  • Built-in 32 GB solid-state flash-drive.
  • Viewfinder supporting OLED Tru-Finder technology.
  • Exmor R CMOS Sensor to offer low-light sensitive features.


  • Battery supporting a longer run-time of 14 hours.
  • Amazing low-light video capabilities.
  • The ergonomic design of the camcorder.
  •  Multi-interface shoe accompanied by dual cold shoes.


Different video effects aren’t supported.


SonyHXR-MC2500E is great for delivering the basic functions and requirements of a camcorder. It’s a great option to consider shooting your podcast sessions.

7.  Canon XF400 Professional Camcorder, Black

 A perfect combination of 4K UHD image quality with different functions and features to deliver premium-level video comes as possible by the Canon XF400 Professional Camcorder.Its 1-inch CMOS sensor in consort with dual DIGIC DV 6-image processors enables recording 4K UHD quality videos at 60 fps and slow-motion Full HD shoot in 120fps.

The 15x optical zoom associated with the 30x advanced level zooming option ensures better video qualities. This camcorder’s 9-bladed iris offers more natural highlights, and 5-directional image stabilization ensures a stable shoot. Enjoy the best autofocus with its smart AF technology. This camera is capable of shooting both UHD and 1080p videos. You can also capture them in its dual SD card slots and output them using its HDMI 2.0 port. There’s a built-in Wi-Fi technology that also allows you easy file transferring.

XF400 supports 4-channel audio settings. There’re 2 XLR inputs in this camcorder to deliver the best-quality audio control over the videos. This camcorder also supports an internal stereo mini-jack microphone terminal to deliver the users crispier sound quality.


  • 1-inch CMOS sensor with 8.29MP lens.
  • 15x zooming lens with the advanced zooming option of 30x.
  • Dual XLR inputs with 4-channels audio settings.
  • Two SD memory card slots.
  •  Features HDMI 2.0 output.
  • Dual-pixel CMOS autofocus features.


  • A compact and ergonomic design.
  • Highly-sensitive capture with lower noise.
  •  Advanced performance together with convenient operability.
  • Slow and fast-motion video recording.


  • Relative lower zooming capabilities.
  • Lower megapixels offered.


If you want cost-effective 4k UHD video quality, then Canon XF400 Professional Camcorder is something you need to keep on your watchlist. This is one of the best camcorders for podcasting and is also suitable for broadcasting, corporate video capturing, event videography, etc.

8.  Sony HXR-NX5R NXCAM Professional Camcorder with Built-in LED Light

A standout camcorder is a perfect inclusion for many purposes like documentary filming, corporate shooting, the event captures, etc. But you can also use this unit as your favorite camcorder for podcasting. It can record 1920 x 1080 resolution video footage at 59.94 fps using its XAVC S technology. Exmor CMOS sensors provide a zooming range of 20x along with an advanced clear image zoom at 40x.

Sony HXR-NX5R NXCAM Professional Camcorder comes with a built-in microphone. Just below this mic, there’s a LED light mounted above the camera lens. It features a beam angle of 90-degree. There are an integrated dimmer and snap-on diffuser, which helps in softening the output. The newest G-lens technology is optimized to allow advanced photosensor and highly sophisticated image process technology. Built-in ND filters help in varying the depth of view field.

You may send the footage of your podcast shoot to other Smartphones or laptops for post-process via the NFC, internal Wi-Fi connectivity, or FTP. There’re dual memory card slots in this camera, and you may record continuous video there. If you add two 32GB memory cards at the two slots, you can record continuous HD footage for 6-hours.


  • AVCHD video format supports Codec technology.
  • CMOS image sensor to provide a better image.
  • 20x optical zoom with 40x clear image zooming option.
  • Features internal ND filter facility.
  •  Electronic viewfinder with 1226k dots resolution.
  • 3.2-inch LCD monitor with 921.6k dots resolution.


  • Supports both fast and slow video options.
  • New feature: 20x Sony G-lens.
  • Great color balancing.


  • You might face some issues regarding the GPS.
  • A bit defective front shoe.


If you’re looking for a true workhorse, then just go for Sony HXR-NX5R NXCAM Professional Camcorder. It’s one of the best camcorders for podcasting in ACVHD format.

9.  Canon XF305 Professional Camcorder

This camcorder comes with the newest HD technology along with a newly developed Codec to deliver an amazing recording experience. Providing three CMOS sensors of 1920 x 1080 resolution accompanied by bit rates up to 50Mbps and variable frame rates supported by the L-series lens with 18x zooming experience, this Canon XF305 Professional Camcorder can offer you a highly affordable and sleek deal of package. Its super-strong DIGIC DV III Image Processor provides useful features like real-life tonal gradation, enhanced shading of images, face detection, etc.

Its next-level L-series lens features an impressive zooming range of 29.3 to 527.4mm. The instant Autofocus (AF) feature produces amazing focusing in brighter/low-light/low-contrast situations. The SuperRange image stabilization technology comes with three different modes: powered, standard and dynamic. It removes all sorts of video distortions and camera jolting.

The ergonomic constriction of XF305 gives the users added comfort and usability. All the control buttons are intelligently placed. New users will get the camera menu options, controls, and other functional buttons layout quite immediately without any hassle. The 4-inch sized 1.23MP LCD monitor display is freely rotating. You can open it either with your right hand or left. Recording directly to its compact flash cards makes relay recording, file backup, copy, and transfer easy. The built-in microphone, along with the two XLR inputs, deliver premium-level audio quality.


  • CMOS image sensors with 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • Variable bit rates maximized up to 50Mbps.
  •  L-series lens, 18x zoom range, focal length 29.3~527.4mm.
  • 4-inch 1.23MP LCD monitor.
  • SuperRange Image stabilization technology.
  • 0.52-inch 1.55MP electronic viewfinder.
  • Intelligent Lithium-ion battery.


  • Variable frame rates.
  • Dual compatibility of slow and fast motion video recording.
  •  Interval recording features.
  • Ensures great image quality and color/tone gradation.


  • Way too big and heavy a unit.


You won’t expect many camcorders to deliver these wide-ranged features and innovative options along with the ergonomic design of a camcorder body like the Canon XF305 Professional Camcorder. Considering the ins and outs of every aspect, undoubtedly, it’s the best camcorder for podcasting purposes.

10. Sony PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System Professional Camcorder, Black (PXWFS5)

Sony PXWS5 is specially built considering the professional purposes used. But still, you can use this camcorder very effectively to record your podcast sessions. It comes with a 4k super 35 Exmor image sensor supporting an enormous 8.8 million effective pixels as well as 11.6 million total pixel counts. This sensor can deliver dynamic ranges of 14 stops and is also capable of shooting at maximum bit rates of 960 fps! Isn’t that incredible? Apart from this, it also offers a variable frame rate of 240fps or 480 fps. That means you can also shoot 40x slow-motion videos!

 It’s much lighter in weight than its predecessor model, PXW-FS7. The weight of this unit is just 1.76 pounds. This unit’s lightweight and compact construction makes it more effective to handhold it for a much longer time. You’ll also love the super-ergonomic grip of this camera unit. This camcorder supports wireless file transfer via Wi-Fi and using an FTP server. You can also stream your videos wirelessly and monitor your camera from a remote distance. You can also store the videos on two SD memory cards which are quipped in dual card slots of this camcorder.

The LCD screen of PXWS5 offers adjustability and can be rotated very easily to store conveniently. The lens provides a maximum focal length of 158mm. Enjoy the 4k recording at both 30p, 50p, or 60p quality. 240fps frame rates ensure better 1080p video recording quality.


  • Super 35 Exmor sensor ensuring 11.6 million pixels.
  • 4k video recording in XAVC Codec and FS RAW format.
  • Focal length varies from 27 to 158mm (equivalent to 35mm).
  • Built-in electronic auto variable ND filters.
  • E-mount flexibility.
  • 1080p video capturing quality.


  • Lightweight and compact construction.
  • Super-ergonomic design.
  •  Easy-to-handle & comfortable gripping.
  • Professional quality 4k video recording.


  • No different video effects.
  •  Video editing options are limited.


Despite being constructed giving priority to the professional videographers/filmmakers, due to its excellent user-convenient build quality, Sony PXWS5 Camcorder easily fits as your podcast recording camcorder.


If your purpose is to make your YouTube podcasting more interesting and grow one of your fan bases, you need to shoot your podcast creatively. There comes the necessity of owning an effective camcorder for your podcasting recording. Choosing the best camcorder for podcasting needs some thorough product research. We do believe this write-up will help in on that. Happy podcasting!

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